Products and Services

Longhorn Technology specializes in software products for the E&P industry, from the seismic to geological modelling, reservoir engineering and simulation. We believe that the up-take of new technology within the industry is often slowed down by a lack of usability. We strive to provide software solutions that do not require significant learning effort upfront. This allows engineers to gradually include new approaches into their working practices.

We specialize in the use of Petrel* and Ocean* to provide extensible solutions and features that integrate seamlessly into existing modelling workflows.

Our products and services are structured threefold:

  1. Software Products
    Applications, features and functionality that we develop in-house and offer for purchase on a licensed user basis.
  2. Bespoke solutions
    Features and algorithms that are implemented for customers on request and on a proprietary basis.
  3. Software consulting
    Integrate with an existing software development team to provide Ocean expertise, software features and domain knowledge.


* Mark of Schlumberger