About us

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Longhorn Technology is a young and dynamic company providing innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry. Our software is tailored to geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering and production workflows. We specialize in cutting edge technology and innovation in reservoir modelling and simulation, such as history matching, statistical uncertainty analysis and optimization.

Our focus is on users and utility. By employing the latest research from academia and the industry, we develop unique software products and novel solutions. Our mission is to make technology accessible and to add real value to our customers’ workflows.


Our software products are plug-ins and extensions to Petrel* and are based on the Ocean* development framework. This allows our products to integrate seamlessly with existing models, established workflows and industry practices. Our software is currently under development and will be available through the Ocean Store. We also provide bespoke in-house solutions that are proprietary to our customers.

We work in a variety of domains, ranging from geophysics and geological modelling to reservoir engineering and production. We have specific expertise in simulation workflows using the ECLIPSE* and INTERSECT* simulators. This includes automation and advanced algorithms in a variety of usage scenarios:

  • Statistical uncertainty analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Response surface and proxy modelling
  • History matching
  • Production optimization


* Mark of Schlumberger