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Longhorn Technology is a young and dynamic company providing innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry. Our software is tailored to geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering and production workflows. We specialize in cutting edge technology and innovation in reservoir modelling and simulation, such as history matching, statistical uncertainty analysis and optimization.

Our focus is on users and utility. By employing the latest research from academia and the industry, we develop unique software products and novel solutions. Our mission is to make technology accessible and to add real value to our customers’ workflows.

Our products

At Longhorn Technology, we believe that the up-take of new technology within the industry is often slowed down by a lack of usability. We strive to provide software solutions that do not require significant learning effort upfront.

Bespoke solutions

We provide individually tailored software solutions to our customers, exclusive to them and on a proprietary basis. Bespoke solutions allow customers to implement in-house technology or individual workflows to commercial quality.

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